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Choose To Buy Viagra - What to Take Into Account - 10 Aug 2015 21:45


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Video SEO Tips - 10 Aug 2015 21:16


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NHRA Carquest Auto Parts Nationals results Racing - 18 Mar 2015 21:28


[[html]]´╗┐NHRA Carquest Auto Parts Nationals results - Racing
<br><br>Tony Schumacher. 2. David Grubnic. 3. Scott Kalitta. 4. CoryMcClenathan. 5. Larry Dixon.
<br><br>John Force, Ford Mustang.
<br><br>Eric Medlen, Mustang. Tommy Johnson Jr.,Monte Carlo. Terry Haddock, Camaro. Jeff Arend, PontiacFirebird.
<br><br>Greg Anderson, Pontiac Grand Am. 2. Dave Connolly, ChevyCavalier. 3. V.Gaines, Dodge Stratus.
<br><br>Jeg Coughlin, Cavalier.
<br><br>Finals: Top FuelTony Schumacher, 4.643 seconds, 320.28 mph., def. David Grubnic,4.690, 300.20.
<br><br>Finals: Funny CarJohn Force, Ford Mustang, 4.896, 309.34, def. Cruz Pedregon,Chevy Monte Carlo, 5.633, 194.91.
<br><br>Finals: Pro StockGreg Anderson, Pontiac Grand Am, 6.741, 205.51, def. DaveConnolly, Chevy Cavalier, 6.807, 203.49.
<br><br>Finals: Top Alcohol DragsterDuane Shields, 5.301, 259.86, def. Kim Parker, 5.608, 252.85.
<br><br>Finals: Top Alcohol Funny CarDennis Taylor, Chevy Camaro, 5.701, 249.03, def. John <a href=""></a> Patton,Pontiac Firebird, 11.685, 69.94.
<br><br>Finals: Comp EliminatorJeff Lane, Oldsmobile Cutlass, 7.930, 169.02, def. Jirka Kaplan,'23-T Ford, 7.338, 189.31.
<br><br>Finals: Super StockBrad Plourd, Pontiac Grand Am, 9.448, 128.58, def. JimmyDeFrank, Chevy Camaro, 10.476, 113.97.
<br><br>Finals: Stock EliminatorSteve Cozakos, Chevy Nova, 11.549, 112.67, def. Peter Biondo,Chevy Camaro, 10.616, 122.88.
<br><br>Super CompDavid Connolly, Dragster, 8.880, 164.51, def. Bill Koski,Dragster, 8.854, 166.87.
<br><br>Super GasJon Brazeau, Chevy Corvette, 9.901, 149.98, def. George ScottIII, Chevy Camaro, 9.919, 159.16.
<br><br>Super StreetDave Adams, Ford Mustang, 10.923, 135.66, def. Ted Kellner,Chevy Vega, 10.913, 143.08.
<br><br>Round-by-round: Top FuelRound OneRhonda Hartman-Smith, 4.852, 298.40, def. Brady Kalivoda, 5.006,277.83. David Baca, 4.857, 300.80, def. Brandon Bernstein, 4.819,294.18. David Grubnic, 4.618, 314.53, def. Doug Herbert, 4.721,307.72. Larry Dixon, 4.728, 305.15, def. Terry Capp, 4.755, 297.35.
<br><br>Cory McClenathan, 4.920, 305.42, def. Mike Strasburg, 8.325,101.35. John Smith, 4.741, 305.56, def. Doug Kalitta, 5.067,309.91. Scott Kalitta, 4.650, 315.86, def. Scott Weis, 4.708,314.61. Tony Schumacher, 4.647, 314.75, def. Mitch King, 4.879,290.69.
<br><br>QuarterfinalsMcClenathan, 4.683, 307.79, def. Dixon, 4.679, 311.63.
<br><br>Hartman-Smith, 4.767, 309.56. Grubnic, 4.645, 316.01,def.
<br><br>SemifinalsGrubnic, 4.703, 303.64, def.
<br><br>Schumacher, 4.627, 318.24, def. McClenathan, 6.419, 137.04.
<br><br>FinalSchumacher, 4.643, 320.28, def. Grubnic, 4.690, 300.20.
<br><br>Round-by-round: Funny CarRound OneEric Medlen, Ford Mustang, 4.948, 314.75, def. Tony Pedregon,Chevy Monte Carlo, 4.891, 316.97. Tim Wilkerson, Monte Carlo,4.886, 312.93, def. Tommy Johnson Jr., Monte Carlo, 4.960, 311.27.
<br><br>Cruz Pedregon, Monte Carlo, 4.999, 303.37, def. Tony Bartone, ChevyCamaro, 5.012, 304.80. John Force, Mustang, 4.914, 317.12, def.
<br><br>Terry Haddock, Camaro, 5.177, 291.13. Gary Scelzi, Dodge Stratus,4.980, 315.05, def. Bob Gilbertson, Camaro, 5.098, 297.22. GaryDensham, Mustang, 4.915, 315.78, def. Jeff Arend, Pontiac Firebird,5.430, 203.03. Whit Bazemore, Stratus, 4.937, 310.70, def. RonCapps, Monte Carlo, 4.944, 309.13. Phil <a href=""></a> Burkart, Monte Carlo, 5.995, 163.95.
<br><br>QuarterfinalsC.Pedregon, 4.908, 314.02, def. Wilkerson, 4.909, 313.58. Force,5.128, 269.56, def. Worsham, 5.186, 272.78. Scelzi, 4.920, 313.95,def. Densham, 5.521, 195.51. Bazemore, 4.911, 311.92, def.
<br><br>SemifinalsForce, 4.952, 314.24, def. Scelzi, 5.013, 295.92. Bazemore, 6.369, 224.73.
<br><br>FinalForce, 4.896, 309.34, def.
<br><br>Round-by-round: Pro StockRound OneJason Line, Pontiac Grand Am, 6.764, 204.76, def. Jeg Coughlin,Chevy Cavalier, 7.405, 145.13. Kurt Johnson, Cavalier, 19.294, 40.64. Larry Morgan,Dodge Stratus, 6.772, 203.68, def. Mark Pawuk, Grand Am, 6.816,202.15. Mark Whisnant, Cavalier, 6.794, 203.16, def. Steve Johns,Cavalier, 7.277, 144.29.
<br><br>Warren Johnson, Grand Am, 6.814, 203.09. Dave Connolly, Cavalier,6.746, 204.91, def. Allen Johnson, Stratus, 6.776, 203.61. GregAnderson, Grand Am, 6.699, 205.85, def. Bruce Allen, Grand Am,7.035, 159.51. Kenny Koretsky, Stratus, 6.723, 204.29, def. RickieSmith, Cavalier, 6.781, 203.58.
<br><br>QuarterfinalsWhisnant, 6.799, 203.31, def. Line, 6.751, 204.73. Connolly,6.754, 204.85, def. Morgan, 6.798, 204.08. Gaines, 6.740, 205.32,def. Koretsky, 6.787, 203.92. Anderson, 6.712, 206.10, def.
<br><br>Edwards, 6.765, 204.05.
<br><br>SemifinalsConnolly, 6.759, 204.73, def. Whisnant, 6.810, 203.09. Anderson,6.729, 205.60, def. Gaines, 6.749, 205.22.
<br><br>FinalAnderson, 6.741, 205.51, def. Connolly, 6.807, 203.49.
<br><br>Point StandingsTop Fuel1. Tony Schumacher, 1,139.
<br><br>Larry Dixon, 806. Scott Weis, 543.
<br><br><img src="" width="291" /><br><br>John Force, 1,034.
<br><br>Greg Anderson, 1,507.<br><br>[[/html]] - Comments: 0

Federated Auto Parts 400 Top Contenders for Checkered Flag in Richmond - 26 Feb 2015 21:39


[[html]]<br><br><object width="400" height="241"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="400" height="241"></embed></object><br><br>´╗┐Federated Auto Parts 400: Top Contenders for Checkered Flag in Richmond
<br><br>This weekend, it's do or die for a number of big-name drivers.
<br><br>On Saturday night, the Sprint Cup Series regular season will come to a close with the Federated Auto Parts 400 in Richmond, Virginia, and the stakes couldn't be higher for those outside of top 10 in the standings.
<br><br>For drivers like Kasey Kahne and Kyle Busch, who currently sit in 11th and 12th place, respectively, today's race represents an opportunity to punch their Wild Card tickets in the Sprint Cup standings.
<br><br>Others, like Jeff Gordon who is currently in 13th place in the standings, view this race as their last chance at a Wild Card berth, because without a win tonight, they'll be out of contention completely.
<br><br>With so much on the line, the Federated Auto Parts 400 will be a dramatic regular season finale in preparation for the Chase for the Sprint Cup.
<br><br>Here's a look at the top contenders for the checkered flag tonight.
<br><br>Jeff GordonTied for the lead among active drivers with five career poles, Gordon has a proven track record of success at Richmond. Simply put, if Gordon doesn't win on Saturday, he won't be in the Chase, which would be a colossal disappointment for one of NASCAR's biggest stars.
<br><br>Heading into the race, Gordon told Pete Pistone of CBS Sports that he would be more aggressive in the final race of the season, and that he fully understands what's on the line.
<br><br>When asked whether he'll treat a teammate any differently than any other driver in tonight's race, Gordon replied that he has a "responsibility to go out there and be aggressive and do what it takes to win."
<br><br>Sounds like somebody's motivated.
<br><br>Kyle BuschCurrently sitting in 12th overall, and clinging to the second Wild Card berth, Kyle Busch needs a strong showing at the Federated Auto Parts 400 to ensure that he'll be in the Chase.
<br><br>Fortunately for Busch, he's always been <a href=""></a> at his best in Richmond, and hasn't finished outside of the top 10 in any race there since 2007.
<br><br>With four wins in his last seven starts at Richmond, Busch is a good bet to be among the leaders tonight, which would all but guarantee his spot in the Championship.
<br><br>Denny HamlinHeading into tonight's race, Hamlin is in an enviable position. If he wins the Federated Auto Parts <a href="">advance auto parts coupons printable</a> 400, Hamlin will lock up the No. 1 seed in the Chase, and he's more than capable of doing so.
<br><br>Last weekend, the Joe Gibbs Racing star took the title in Atlanta, which was his second Sprint Cup Series victory in a row, and now leads the field with four checkered flags on the season.
<br><br>If anybody should be considered a favorite tonight in Richmond, it's Hamlin.[[/html]] - Comments: 0

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